I welcome with thanks on behalf of all the sponsors and Studio Systems all the attendees gathered here today.

I take pride in introducing the speakers from the seven leading manufacturers of optical disc authoring and replicating equipment. The seven technical presentations you will attend today are by speakers who are knowledgeable, experienced and I believe excellent.

All have traveled great distances, from the US, UK, Liechtenstein, Germany and Switzerland. Their presence here signals their great expectations from the Indian market and willingness to invest their time and effort to develop the Indian replication industry.

Let me introduce the speakers first, from my left

(1) Mr. Markus Gabriel, Product Manager Optical Disc, AWM.
AWM Werkzeugbau AG
is one of the largest mould makers in the world. Founded in 1961 it started as a toolmaker manufacturing any kind of stamping tools, injection moulds, pressing moulds and clamping systems. Nowadays, AWM is leading in the production of high precision injection moulds for optical disc formats such as CD-A/ROM, CD-R (W), DVD-5/10/9, DVD-R/RAM, and CD-ROM Card. AWM also offers an entire range of high-quality CD packaging: brilliant box, jewel box, multibox and clip tray.

(2) Mr. Gerhard Oesterle, Product Manager, Balzers Process Systems.
Balzers Process Systems (BPS) is the leading provider of thin film solutions for all optical disc formats with an installed base of over 2500 systems globally. BPS is a business segment of the Oerlikon-Buhrle Group, with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. The company supports its global customer base with manufacturing, sales and service facilities strategically placed in more than 28 countries throughout Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America. BPS is currently employing 1,400 people worldwide. BPS achieved sales of US$ 353 million in 1998. BPS maintains sales and service offices in Japan, China, Taiwan and Korea. BPS offers metallizers for Compact Discs (CDs) and DVDs and recordable discs such as CD-Rs and DVD-Rs and re-recordable discs with phase change technology such as CD-RW, DVD-RAM and magneto-optical disc such as Mini-Discs. The range of metallizers includes the Twister, the world’s smallest metallizer for optical disc, CDI swivel with the fastest cycle time in the industry and CubeLite for advance DVD applications such as DVD-9. In data storage BPS delivers the world’s fastest hard disc coating system. 9 out of 10 MiniDiscs as well as 6 out of 10 every optical discs are produced on BPS equipment.

(3) Mr. Rudi Krebser, Vice President, Netstal Machinery Ltd.
Rudolf Krebser finished his studies as Engineer in 1968 in Switzerland. In 1970 Mr. Krebser joined Netstal as design engineer. For 14 years he was a responsible chief engineer for the mechanical parts of the Netstal injection moulding machines and the engineering group for the fully automated moulding plants. In 1987 he changed to the sales department and took the responsibility for the sales of optical disc machines, which at this time was still marginal. After a continuous growth of the sales of optical disc machines Mr. Krebser today cares primarily for the markets in Asia, China, Russia, Australia, Arabia, Africa and parts of Europe.
Netstal Machinery Ltd. is one of the pioneers of injecting moulding with more than 50 years of experience. Netstal enjoys a share of approximately 35% of the world’s complete Optical Disc machinery and has over 1,500 delivered CD production systems.

(4) Mr. Caractacus Downes, Project Co-ordinator/ Programmer, Nimbus Technology and Engineering.
Nimbus Technology & Engineering (NTE) started offering high quality mastering equipment to the CD manufacturing industry in 1993, having previously built the same equipment exclusively for in-house use in its CD factories in the UK and America. NTE spent the next few years making early demonstrations of the potential of digital video played back from high density optical disc, and was approached by Warner Manufacturing in 1994 to develop a production mastering system for the format which was later to become DVD. More recently NTE has been working on mastering equipment for the more complex recordable formats – CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RAM – and a completely new system for mastering the next generation of very high density (60 GB per side) formats using an electron beam recorder. NTE has chosen this seminar to make the first public presentation of a new integral mastering system, to be launched next year, designed specifically with markets like India in mind. It will offer the most cost-effective path to owning CD and DVD mastering, with maximum ease of use and without compromising performance.

(5) Mr. Gary Hall, Technical Product Manager, Spruce Technologies. Mr. Gary Hall is responsible for applications development, product configuration, and interface to users of Spruce’s professional DVD production systems.
Spruce Technologies is the leading supplier of technology and systems for DVD content authoring and premastering. Its products are integrated systems and individual software / hardware components for high-end video and audio data compression, DVD content authoring, data formatting/premastering, and DVD quality assurance. Spruce Technologies systems are in daily at leading DVD facilities around the world, and are well known for high quality, productivity, and ease-of-use.

(6) Speaker for both presentations of Steag HamaTech and Steag First Light will be Dr. Hans-Gerd Esser from Steag HamaTech AG.
He is working in the sales department of Steag HamaTech. He is mainly responsible for CD-R production management in Europe, India and all other countries except Taiwan and China. Steag HamaTech AG, located in Germany and Steag First Light Inc., located in USA, are one of the worldwide leading equipment supplier for the production of optical discs media like CD-Audio/ROM, DVD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, MiniDisc. Both companies are not only to offer equipment but also process know-how in all different formats.
Steag First Light is mainly responsible for prerecorded media like CD-Audio/ROM and DVD, Steag Hamatech AG is engaged in all recordable and rewritable media. Also, I would like to introduce the Sales management present, who will assist you in purchase.

To my right is

(1) Mr. Markus Kappeli, Manager Marketing & Sales Support, AWM.
(2) Ms. Alexa Ospelt, Marketing Communications Manager Optical Storage, BPS.
(3) Mr. Egon Laengle, Sales Manager Emerging Markets, BPS.
(4) Mr. Andy Hughes, Regional Sales Manager, Nimbus.
(5) Mr. Graeme Scott, Sales Director, Spruce Technologies.

Mr. Scott is responsible for distribution and sales of Spruce products in South Asia, Africa, and Europe.
I am convinced that the high-quality technical presentations today by these seven companies will provide the impetus to all of us to bring these frontier technologies to India. Having understood clearly the processes that are involved and the assurance of management of both machines and technology, the purpose of this seminar will be well served.

This is the 3rd ODRT seminar and I am immensely satisfied that this forum has an enthusiastic response from across India, and abroad. We have in our audience attendees from places as far as Muzafarnagar, in Bihar, Calcutta, New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Pune, Nanded, Singapore and Hong Kong. There are also attendees among us who are plastic technologists, CD-ROM publishers, audio cassette duplicators, music companies, and video post-production studios and of course replicators and potential investors, both decided and yet sitting on the fence. As such the Optical Disc Replicator seminar series, is, I dare say well established and will continue to provide an independent neutral forum, to the manufacturers of optical disc replicating and mastering equipment, to explore the Indian market. Nimbus, is participating for the second time consecutively for a reason. Nimbus is introducing at this seminar or rather this is the first launch worldwide of the Nimbus automatic in-line mastering system. Nimbus attaches some importance to the Indian market in doing so. As the technological leader in glass mastering, the presentation of this innovation from Nimbus will be indeed captivating. To the credit of Spruce, their decision to import the entire DVD authoring set-up, is to provide you a state-of-the-art presentation on DVD authoring. Steag, from Germany, will make two presentations, on recordable and pre-recorded optical disc replication, covering the entire range from CD-Audio to DVD-RAM.
AWM, Balzers & Netstal all enjoy customers in India, and contribute critical components and processes in the replication chain. Their emphasis to the customer is to discern quality of the components and make their own choice.
Since the last seminar in April, there has been some progress. The first 15 DVD titles of Hindi movies are at this moment being replicated at the Padmini Polymers facility in New Delhi. The only existing DVD replication facility in India. I am sure this seminar might result in changing this exclusively.
Another progress, Moser Baer in New Delhi, is now in production of CD-Rs, for export. There is no other CD-R replication facility in India. Mr. Rudolf Krebser, of Netstal, present here, believes that, India is capable of competing with Taiwan, in cost-competitiveness and quality parameters in the replication of CD-Rs and DVD-Rs. This is encouraging and should in turn encourage entry into CD-R replication, where India has been left far behind. It’s time to catch up.
A lot of points made at the earlier two seminars, I wish to reiterate, but will prefer that you kindly draw your attention to these by reading the earlier addresses, copies are provided in your folders. This is done to provide you a complete perspective of our concerns and focus, in development of the optical disc industry. Issues which the ODRT seminar series is addressing.
As a seminar for technical presentations, we must understand even so such issues that are important for initiating growth. And consciously we must attempt to play a contributing role to the development of the optical disc industry.
I think the video catalogue holders need to show far more interest and investment into DVD –Video than is evident till now.
Everybody loves statistics, without providing any information. So, at a risk, I can come forth with a few guest mates. 1999 optical disc replication in India is 50 million. That is for Music CDs, CD-ROMs, and Video CDs. It could be higher, but not lower.
Consumption shall be higher. I would say by around another 10 million CDs. This includes imports, legal and otherwise. So total sales are around 60 million. Growth rate is around 15-20%. Y2K consumption shall be in the region of 72-80 million CDs.
CD-R consumption could be in the region of 10 million in 1999. Could be more, but I won’t attempt to guess the upper limit. CD-R consumption I personally believe could be growing at around 75%.
Well, we are faced with these figures and you will be glad to know, yet it is expected that the Indian market will grow quantum fold. It is for this reason and to act as a catalyst, that the Optical Disc Replicator seminar is organized.
Thank you all for being present, the future belongs to you.
Please welcome with a hearty applause the first speaker Mr. Gary Hall of Spruce.

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