BY ANIL CHOPRA, EDITOR-STUDIO SYSTEMS

I am indeed very glad in initiating the 2nd Optical Disc replicator seminar.
The purpose of organising these seminar series is on one hand exercising the philosophy of Studio Systems, the magazine we publish - our philosophy is putting technology in place and motivating the market. The purpose on the other hand is to provide a forum, a platform to the leading optical disc media manufacturing equipment suppliers to showcase their state-of-the-art technologies and equipment to the Indian marketplace.
The Indian market place is nothing to be proud of. It is, as one UK based magazine calls it a "fledgling industry".
The international sentiment is that the Indian optical industry has one of the largest potential, from among all other markets. I can only wish such hopes are not belied, and we do see genuine and qualified replicators entering the industry.

Mr. Antonio Schmidt
International Sales Manager for Optical Disc Moulding Equipment at ARBURG, Germany. He is responsible for complete sales and marketing for the special moulding equipment required for the replication industry.
ARBURG, Germany is a 76 year old family enterprise based in the picturesque Black forest in southern Germany. They have been producing a wide variety of injection moulding machine since 1956 for every known application. They have a wide range of moulding machine from 15 to 220 Tons clamping force and capable of processing milligrams to 760gms of shot weight. They have been supplying injection moulding machines for CD, VCD,DVD etc since 1980. There are over 450 Arburg moulding machines running in the world for this industry alone and over 90,000 machines of all types. They have local service available in many countries and also in India, where they have an association with UNIMARK for 20 years.
Mr. Axel Bohlmeier, General Sales Manager South-east Asia of Werner Kammann, Germany, the parent of Kamman India and also Mr. Malvinder Rao, Resident Director, Kammann – India.
Werner Kammann, is the world famous CD, Screen and Offset printing machine manufacturer who are dedicated in developing new technology for the CD segments. Presentation will be by Mr. Axel Bohlmeier, Werner Kammann - Germany and Mr. Malvinder Rao, Kammann India. Presentation will cover CD and DVD printing by means of screen and offset printing Mr. Adrian Farmer, Deputy Chairman, Nimbus Technology and Engineering, UK and Mr. Antony Smith, Director, Asia, Nimbus Since the first NTE mastering system was sold in 1993, Nimbus has established itself as a world leader in optical disc mastering equipment. In six years 73 mastering systems have been sold to companies on 5 continents, including the first ever mastering system in South Africa, and the first DVD mastering system in Australia. The company designs equipment to offer high yield, low maintenance and a defined upgrade path. This has ensured that it has been flexible and affordable solution for a wide range of companies, from small regional start-ups to the largest entertainment companies and media manufacturers. Nimbus employs 150 staff at its Headquarters in the UK, with sales &service offices in the United States, Singapore, and Taiwan, and an office for advanced technology projects in Japan.
Mr. Farmer, the company’s Deputy Chairman, this year celebrates his 20th anniversary with Nimbus.
Mr. Raph Alink, Vice President, ODME, USA, a division of Toolex International, Netherlands. Mr.Ton Kroef, Regional Sales Manager, Toolex Europe, and Mr. Sanjay Khar, General Manager, Near East, Toolex Europe. He is based in New Delhi. The philosophy of Toolex is ‘’Together we can go even further". For Toolex International this is no empty claim. It’s a commitment to work with their customers and for their customers. To take them further across the total spectrum of optical disc manufacturing. Toolex International have the resources to make this possible. Process knowledge, experience, system development expertise plus global sales and service back up that is available on a local basis.
Unrivalled resources, which interact with each other, to provide you with the optical disc manufacturing system and processes that your operations and future plans require. By being able to maximise the effects of the synergy that the new organisation has created, it means you enjoy an unmatched level of support that will take you even further. Now and in the future.
Mr.Guido Dalessi, Sales Director, Optical Measuring-equipment and Projects-OMP, Netherlands
The background and basis of OMP originates from a broad experience in the Research and Development of equipment for optical media mastering production and testing.
The development of optical media started in the seventies with the main inventors of the Compact Disc at Phillips Research Laboratories in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. During this period of time, the present OMP management was directly involved in several inventions in the optical media industry. In 1994 OMP decided to use this profound mastering knowledge and experience to develop and manufacture a complete new generation of photo resist based CD and DVD Mastering Systems. This development has resulted in the DMS8000. The DMS8000 Diamond Mastering System 7 is a complete new state-of-the-art generation of mastering systems. The entry into CD and DVD Mastering world is led by a close to Eindhoven, the Netherlands, based Research and Development team, with unquestionable experience in research, development and manufacturing of Optical Disc Mastering Systems and other equipment to control production process of optical media. Another successful product of the company OMP BV is the ODS-130T Optical Disc Scanner, an essential instrument for optimizing moulding processes in replication of CD and DVD.
Mr. Riener Sieler, Executive Vice President, Singulus Technologies, Germany.
SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES, Founded in 1996, has built up the highest degree of know-how, a staff and a product line which is well respected in the whole world. With more than 300 installations of their CD- Replication system ’’SKYLINE’’ and approx. 30 installations of "SPACELINE’’ for DVD manufacturing, SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES attained the leading position as supplier of the replication business. A newly developed CD-R system "STREAMLINE’’ has been successfully introduced in the first quarter of 1999. Based on the capable team of individuals the company is acting successfully in the market offering products, service support and spare parts with an extended network of own companies in Europe, USA, Asia Pacific (Singapore), China and Latin America together with many representatives. Due to the rapid growth SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES now employ more than 160 people. Over 25% are located in own subsidiaries round the globe.
Mr. Michael Oehler, Project Manager – CD Equipment, technotrans AG.
Mr. Stefan Knipper , Managing DirectorCD Equipment, technotrans AG.
technotrans was founded in 1970 and quickly became known as a reliable supplier for technologically advanced products in the print and media sector. They are specialists for liquid – technology peripheral equipment and enjoy an outstanding reputation as a systems supplier and developer, not only for the printing industry, but for several years also in the CD production industry. technotrans became a joint - stock company in 1998. technotrans supply complete electroforming departments for the production of all CD and DVD formats. Due to the close co-operation with most mastering suppliers they can offer turn- key solutions to suit customer demands and can produce stampers and families from all mastering formats. With subsidiaries in the U.K, the U.S, France, Italy, China and Singapore and local agents throughout Asia, technotrans ensures direct contact and fast reaction times for information, delivery and service.
I am sure we are going to have a wonderful and useful seminar with such excellent high – quality speakers.
With the presence of all the three major companies offering solutions for mastering, this seminar is very timely in serving the ‘fledgling’ industry to learn all they need to on mastering. Fortunately, with the presence of the three companies, namely, Nimbus, ODME and OMP all the current technologies, both the conventional glass – mastering, and the polycarbonate – substrate mastering or Firetrac process will be technically presented.
Please note my emphasis on timely, this is because investment into mastering have been resisted so far by the fledgling industry here. And this is very important if I may say so. Because, as I did explain in the inaugural seminar, statistically, India could easily touch a consumption level of 200 million CD-Audio/ROM discs in a few years.
However such a large production industry cannot not have complete understanding and knowledge and expertise, and proficiency in the critical process of mastering which leads to replication. Therefore, I am really glad that we have been successful in bringing to Mumbai all the credible mastering solutions available today.
The industry here should perceive the importance of mastering and grasp as much as can be from today’s proceedings.
Another factor which has been responsible for the resistance to invest into mastering has been the tentative approach into full fledged acceptance of the optical disc manufacturing process, by most replicators. This is going to be a costly mistake. Maturity will be the victim of this costly mistake.
If the Indian optical disc industry has to become mature we need to master all their critical processes. Trained manpower is needed in all areas. That is, not only mastering, and replication, but also in knowledgeable testing, and in printing of the optical disc as also packaging. The projects that can and shall materialize in India will be successful only if there is sufficient depth of manpower and technological capability. I do hope these series of seminars will be of help in this direction. But the investors here need to look at the optical disc industry , not only as carpetbaggers, those who have money to invest and demand a killing. But rather as visionaries, adopting a very crucial technology that of optical disc manufacturing. A technology which is industrially valid for decades to come. These manufacturing processess are growing from strength to strength, with innovations and contribution to the only media of the computer industry in the future, namely DVD –R and of the entertainment industry, namely DVD – Video, and DVD – Audio or whether it is Super – Audio of Sony or even a mini – disc, or the booming CD – R. Therefore it is not proper to have a tentative approach. And the complete technology must be acquired and harnessed to ensure success.
With respect to investments and returns, I am sure with such growth prospects, these must be the least of the worries of potential investors I would like to see a more safer project and higher returns in any other production.
So it’s a matter of confidence. Once again I hope these seminar series organised by Studio Systems magazine does the trick. I must point out to the lack of a sense of purpose in our entertainment industry, and consumer electronic industry.
One witnessed all the politicking, and discussions, agendas, and meetings, conferences, and agreements between Hollywood, and both the hardware players and replicators, and distribution guys, in the US. At the end of the day , DVD – Video’s success was ensured, not left to chance, and the future, not left to so many undone, unattended issues. Every issue was tackled with a goal, vision, and, solution. Today the US is the DVD centrestage. In India, the catalogue holders do not know their past, unfortunately neither their future. The consumer – electronics companies must coordinate with the content providers and replicators, and orchestrate the dramatic entry of DVD and its eventual success.
This can be done in the Indian market as like Hollywood, we have Bollywood with as large a catalogue.
So lets do it. Studio Systems, as always will carry out its responsibility , and philosophy, as in motivating the market.
We will initiate action in getting the large video catalogue holders to commit support to the DVD format and on the other hand try to get the consumer electronic companies operating in India to discuss the prospects of jointly working and planning the launch of DVD – Video in India

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